Celebrating My Birthday In Portugal

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I celebrated my 30th birthday in my favourite country, Portugal with some amazing friends. The adventures all started with 2 of my best friends who flew over to Lisbon with me. A week of madness, laughter, fun and a bit of work was just what my birthday week was about. I am so grateful for the friends that joined us to celebrate.


This is just a small detailed blog post about my trip. I will later on give you more details about the tours, food, and places that are a must visit when in Lisbon. I tried Tap Air Portugal for the first time, a few pro’s and con’s to flying with them, but what’s most important is that I got to Lisbon.

We started with a celebration of drinks before watching the World Cup match- Croatia Vs England match.


Just in Praça do Comércio a wonderful crowd of people watching the match. CROATIAAAAAAA all the way. I was celebrating when they won. It was a wonderful start to my birthday.

On the 12th of July, I woke up to champagne breakfast with lots of goodies from my girls. I only turn 30 once so they made sure I started it all soo good.

We got dressed in out birthday outfits and took the train from Lisbon to Setubal. We headed by car to Arrabida by car with a friend who lives in the area. It was beautiful and refreshing. The weather was not on our side but it didn’t stop up for touring.

The tour guide for the day was Fabio (travel blogger O Tipo Da Carrinha) who brought us to another side of Setubal I have not seen before. I saw pictures from google but seeing in person changes it.

In such a rush from getting back to Lisbon, we managed to make it to dinner on time. A few close friends living in Lisbon met up with us at Las Ficheras for some delicious Mexican food and cocktails. As the night went on we wonder to Pink street for some music and a boogie on the dance floor. It was certainly a birthday I enjoyed, especially when getting back to the Airbnb at 6 am.

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To be continued….

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