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A couple of days ago I popped over to CeeCode Show room and I can’t help but say I LOVE Ceecode! I met the lady behind it all Cynthia Pennikian the designer of Ceecode. She is creative and passionate about her bag collection and devotes 100% to it. Cynthia’s sister Nancy also works with her and this duo are unstoppable with the creativity within the studio.


Ceecode atarted in Feburary 2011 in Lebanon and then brought the brand to Dubai in April 2011. The bags can be found is several different stores such as Galleries Lafayette in Dubai Mall, Valleydez in Wafi Mall and Sunset, O-Concept, Salam Studio and Stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as other coutries such as Salam Studo and stores in Doha,Qatar. The brand is also sold in lebanon at BHV Mode.

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  1. Excellent outlet for bags, I just love their 'CeeMoon', wish I could own one. Pity they are not available worldwide, I would have tried to get one. Thanks for that little bit of info for when I am next in Dubai, hopefully end of the year. Lv Bibi

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