Carry Yourself Like A Queen with Minos Photographie !!!

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Amina Al Bakry from Mino’s Photographie and I  had collaborated on a small project in Oman. We did 2 different kinds of photoshoots, this photoshoot is a mixture of my style accessories I love which makes me carry my self like a queen.
The graffiti was on the wall was designed by 2 talented people Manahil Al Kindi ( The Art Whisper ) and Salim Busaidi.

My style is a mix and match different styles but I always tend on adding a twist with a funky and fun accessory. In this photoshoot I put together a casual denim on denim look with my favourite accessories from Coquette. Coquette is an accessory brand from hats, jewellery and more.

Hat from Coquette Accessories
Necklack from Coquette

Shoes from Keith Cole
For more on Mino’s Photographie:  Click Here


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