Bri’s Boutique Fashion Show… The Colours Of Talent!

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Bri’s Boutique fashion show was a lovely a event last night at Le Monde, with a wonderful turn out of support from family, friends and event new potential buyers.

The show started with dramatic music which made the models walk at a slower pace in order to the detail of the dresses showcased. There dressed for all shapes and sizes with different styles and colours which brought out an amazing complexion on the models. The hair was a mixture of big buns and some had side pleats with dramatic eye shadow.
The best part of the show, was being able to see Bri’s designs she made on a full figure. The colours where bright and the dresses were beautiful.


 Some of the dress showcased at the fashion show at the backstage!

 Izel with her make-up and hair for the fashion show!

The show begins , with a few of my favourite pieces!

These are some of Bri’s Designs, which are I am in love with!

This is Bri at the end of her fashion show with models wearing her designs! 

For all her hard work she has a massive supportive family and friends!

                                               With Bri, the fabolous talent of the night

For more information on Bri’s Boutique: CLICK HERE

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