Bling with Elegance at Vik Jethwani

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Vik Jethwani always surprises me each season with their collection, it gets even better and better. I met the duo behind the brand at an event in Dubai and from that day on always been in love with their brand and them. The passion, dedication and love for creating beautiful pieces of art for a women shows in every earring, necklace, ring and bracelet.


Butterflies as a beautiful drop for Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery

WORLD of FAZ video on Youtube: CLICK HERE 

When looking for elegance I look for the person behind the brand especially when its an independent brand. Vikram and Natasha are detailed in their work, they want every piece to mean something to a women. When I look at each piece this season, it created a beautiful memory in my mind from the colour to design.


If you wish to see more of their collection they will be at Fashion Forward this season, with their fab collection.

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