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After a long hard think I decided to step out of my little shell and do some videos with a journey into my little crazy world. I am usually nervous when I have to do any interviews and filming because I forget things or sometimes I just am a wee bit clumsy. I joined with a team to help me get through this ( God bless them ) and now have new projects in the process from fashion, fitness and food. This first video is at Flaunt Fashion Attraction.



Link to Youtube Channel : 

This video is showing you the real me, the random one who sometimes just doesnt not know how to calm down (hyper even when sleepy), the does not bother with make-up (the weather is hot for me to keep it on) and loves to laugh( life doesn’t feel right without it). I do hope you enjoy this little video.

I love attending events where I can meet new people, talents and designers. A chance to chat and get the inside into their little world. I had fun interview the lovely Andy and Feride, they are ambitious and love trying to help out others in the community they love of Independent designers. Through the event I met Zarah from Zamira Style and Sonia from Capri Designs as well as many more talents.


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