BCBGMaxazria.. Moments !

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At most events I take pictures of whats going on but this time I just decided to try to video it. It turns out I missed some filming chance because I pressed the wrong button. The video is snips of what happened at the event and who I met and the atmosphere.

The Youtube Video :  World of Faz

I am a fan of BCBGMaxazria as they always create wearable and flattering pieces. I have a few pieces from their previous collection and love it. I am sorry I didnt get the fashion show on film but their A/W pieces are lovely especially for a nutter like me. I have been trying to tone down my mad colours with a piece there and here. BCBGMaxaria is the right band for it all!

The video shows my little journey to the event, my friends and fellow bloggers. It was alot of blue lighting in the place. As it was my first time trying to film by myself I do apologise for my randomness and odd points if there any ( that is of course just in my head). I will try to get it better the next time. I hope you like it!

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