Bag Art with Fatma Al Mulla!

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Fatma Al Mulla is a women who is so creative with the FMM collection and tends on adding new things to her amazing talents. She has made some lovely colourful bags and jewelled them up. Please ladies these are not real Celine bags so do not get all crazy and ask why would someone do that to a Celine bag? hahaha.

For more on these bags check out FATMAALMULLA

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  1. Another outlet for stunning handbags from Dubai. (You can tell that I am a fanatic for handbags) Pity they cannot get them franchised worldwide. Again,this is another outlet for me to pay a visit whilst in Dubai.
    Thanks for highlighting all these informative and stunning accessories designers from UAE, without your blog I would not have known they existed. Bless you.
    Your Bibi

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