A/W 2014- In Style with Clarks

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Clarks new Autumn/Winter collection is what I say is ‘A Must Have’. They have created comfort with style, which I think is very hard to find. 

I am definitely a lady crazy for shoes!!! I love different styles, colours and heights… of course depending on the occasion. 

I have put together some of my favourite shoes from Clarks, which I love styling up from different events and occasion in my bloggers life. 

This is one of my favourite shoes for the season in Taupe combination with leather. It has a chunk heel which is great for walking around, a twist of tweed which makes it look classic and some fabric laces which made’s it a touch of beauty. This is perfect with a pair of skinny jeans, a sweater and topped over with coat. Winter is around the colour.

This is a kind of different style of brogue, which has a thicker razor like sole. I absolutely love these and mix them up with different things in my wardrobe. This is great with alot of things as well and comfortable event when walking. I usually sometimes pop it together with a 
Brogue is easy to wear but some confuse it with means shoes. Clarks have designed their own brogue which is feminine and really easy to wear. This lovely Ox-blood brogue has a lovely combination of leather and tweed. It is perfect to put together with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. Ox-blood is an unusual colour and sometimes people find it hard to wear with other things. Colours such as black, beige, white, dark green, Khaki and grey. In my world I would clash colours.. which sometimes comes out really nice.

It was lovely at first sight once I saw these knee high boots in cognac leather. I had to have a pair and I have to its worth every penny. I am not the biggest fan of black so I always try my best to avoid the colour and for something different. These boots are lovely with a cream dress up to my knees and tights or leather like jeans, a shirt and lots of accessories. I tend to like mixing and matching to create a new look with my styles.  

These are beauties and absolutely a must have. The combination of red suede and beading is wonderful for a night out or in the bloggers world, it would perfect for an event. I know I am not the biggest fan of black but with a black dress and red or beige accessories, it is just the perfect look. In my world, I would wear it with a red dress and studded and beaded accessories and I am ready to conquer the world in style.  

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