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During the summer, I had the opportunity to attend the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. It was delightful event and inspirational but most of all it was wonderful to meet the talents behind it all, Anna and Jonathan Freemantle. I was lucky to get a chance to have a little interview with them, especially with their hectic schedule at the time. 

Photo Taken by : Tibor Galamb

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival was a fashion event to attend, with talented and inspirational people from the industry who came together to build on it and showcase what they have to offer. I was certainly curious how Anna and Jonathan came upon the chance to create the fashion event which took Edinburgh by storm. I asked them several questions to understand their concept and the future developments of this event. 

Why did you both choose to make the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival ? 
The fashion festival came together after living in Edinburgh for a while. We first created the event Noir which had combined fashion and art together to display the creative buzz Edinburgh had and still has. Over time we discovered there was a gap, the scene for creativeness. The Edinburgh city council had approached us after being recommended by Harvey Nicholas.
 To be it together, why Edinburgh ?  3 reasons. one is we were here in Edinburgh, two is Edinburgh was responding to the lack of something and three Edinburgh has always been the city for innovation. 

When looking for the future fashion designers, how did come upon these designers that were selected?
It was our selection of the best emerging designers, there is no particular perimeters on age or education. We were looking for the most exciting talent in Scotland. The young and talented designers have a very niche market here. The would have to open a boutique in London to become well known. 
It’s future talent, it is young talent who are going to be great in our view. It is also future as in the Scottish fashion industry. We wanted to develop and create an industry in which the young energetic designer would not have to go all the way to London to be well known. 

Do you think Edinburgh International Fashion Festival will make a change in the years to come? 
I do not know but it is year 2 of the fashion festival and our members have doubled. It has given clear idea of who our audience is and its specific. Our ambition is based on quality to create  a good reputation of a highly respected event. We have used more venues and have changed things up. 

This next questions was to Anna: 
I know your career as a model, what made you want to do a fashion festival ? 
It was that face that you experienced moments when this could be more interesting or this could be done a better way. The starting quiet small in a way you would like things to go and putting people that you like. 
It all started with you have that lack of finding something, you think why don’t I just do it. 

After this interview with these talented enterpeurs it was an inspirational week. They are lovely, talents and caring individuals that showed coming together as an industry will help build it up. 

Check our for more information about the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival : CLICK HERE

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