An Odd Ball in London

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It was up to London for the weekend for me… shopping, theater and lots of food with a load of walking. Usually when I am in London, I just become annoyingly stressed but this time it was just fun with mum. Of course wearing layers was first on the list but I always tend of going crazy with my layers.


I decided to try to stay at the Double Tree by Hilton in Marble Arch just because I can be a lazy bum and I wanted to stay close by to everything. In other words close to shopping !!!  The beds were comfy and the room service at the hotel was good.


As soon as I arrived in London it was time for my brunch as Selfridges… its my mums tradition to have her salted beef sandwich. After brunch it was time to also get a new shade of foundation.. as the one I had was when I was living in the sun not in the cold (hehe in other words I got lighter and didn’t realize it, I put the foundation on one day and I looked like an umpa lumpa ). When it  comes to my complexion Illamasqua is my go to brand. Through the shopping you would think I should go for a nap, but not me… it was time to head to theatre.. THRILLLLLLLLLLER!!! A show I have been waiting to see.


Thriller is definitely a show to show, it took me back to when I first started getting into dancing. I loved the singers and dancers… the costumes on the other hand were not really a lot of Micheal Jackson and more like I will put anything together. I do believe there was a wardrobe malfunction as some of the dancers revealed a little bit to much bum on stage.  (Its known to be a family show, don’t think anyone wants to see bum cheeks while watching the show) . Even with the wardrobe being consider a bit not up to standards the overall show was just wonderful. The singers got us up to sing and dance through the show which all of us were happy to do. I did get a little bit emotional at some point as growing up Michael Jackson music and videos were always playing in my home… you would see me trying to bust a move.

The next day my mum and I were off to Bicester Village for some crazy retail therapy. I think I went a tad bit crazy in the DVF and Kenzo store. Its really easy to get to the village now as there is a train that takes you directly infront of it all. It all starts at London Marylebone station and about an hour later .. you arrive with trains announcing in English, Arabic and Mandarin.

It was the last night in London… and why not do theater again. This time after searching and searching we managed to get tickets for Jersey Boys. This is one of the most sold out shows since it ever started showing in London. It was a really good show, I think my mum felt like she was back in time because she was sing along to every song.  Yes it looks like I just go to London for the theater…to be honest a live show is always better!


As walking through Selfridges on my last day, I found the best section …NUTELLA!!! This time I finally got my name on a Nutella jar. For those that check my instagram know that I am a Nutella lover so it was nice getting my name on a jar.

I usually try to avoid going to London but this time I had a blast with my mum. We had a load of fun and alot of fun girlie time. There things to do in London apart from shopping in the same old places. Hopefully next time I am going to try some new to do in London.


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