Amina Sharif Al-Bakri… New Talent!

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Amina Sharif Al-Bakri
Current Location: Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


What got you interested in photography?
Since I was a teenager I always liked having a camera in my hand, I always used to take pictures of random things. I then started to work on photography projects with my cousin and we used to spend endless nights in the “dark room” developing her pictures. The outcome always fascinated me. My passion for it started in 2010, when I got my first professional camera and started my own photography frenzy.

Who is your inspiration?
My cousin was my inspiration when I first began but today I get inspired whenever I’m outdoors. Nature fascinates me among all the other beautiful things that Allah created in this world.

What do you like taking pictures of?
I like taking pictures of many things. I like capturing the “moment”.  Capturing a moment that is unique for example, fireworks going off and the different colours and patterns they bring out when captured through the lens.

The Mask! How did you get started with the project?
My mother first started collecting Venetian masks in 2008 when we visited Florence one summer. I always used to wear them around the house when I was bored. I fell in love with the detail, the colours and the way they gave out such a mysterious aura whenever they are worn. I then started collecting my own masks. I always had this idea at the back of my mind, the idea of combining both the masks with body language. The masks always had such a firm look on them, a look that would never change so I thought why not merge that with today’s modernity. One example is a Venetian mask worn by a break dancer doing a freeze.

What was your reason to do the photoshoot?
I felt that I could introduce something new to photography in Oman, something that hasn’t been thought of before, I also wanted to involve my family and close friends in the project and Alhumdellah it turned out to be a great success.

Amina’s work is beautiful and creative. The contrast of the mask and the views she captured them from, makes her work something you would see in a magazine. She is a lovely young lady with alot of talent, someone you should keep an eye on. 🙂


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