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Name: Aimee Paget 
Nationality: British 
College/ University : BA Fashion Design at Heriot Watt University 


What is fashion to you ?

Fashion is something that is in demand, and is constantly changing. 

What made you want to be a fashion designer, as it is a lot of work?

I chose to study fashion as I’m a creative person, designing always came naturally to me and I wanted to do something I enjoyed. It was quite an easy decision. 

What inspires you to do your designs?

I’m inspired by other designers such as Henry Holland, Manish Arora and Ashish and some of my other favourites. However, you need to look beyond just designers or you could end up with too similar designs. I usually do a lot of doodling and ideas can come from just doing that. 

Can you please tell what the inspiration behind your graduate collection ?

My graduate collection is about having fun and not taking things to seriously. As the name suggests ‘Never Monday’ it’s about celebrating each day and living life to the fullest. I looked at a alot of hand crafted techniques and DIY methods as influences. 

Tell me what makes your collection unique ( Technique, style, trend, inspiration etc.) 

I’d say my collection is unique because I didn’t worry about trends too much or the reasoning behind it. I just let my collection develop naturally and made decisions as I went. I initially tried to stick rigidly to my theme and I ended up very unhappy with my line-up, then when I started doing what I liked the collection began to come together. I also tried to mix my fabrics, using both wool and PVC which I think contrast nicely together. 

Where do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

I hope that I’m still doing something related to fashion! Ideally working in a design team for someone I adore or possibly working on my own label. 

As soon as I saw Aimee’s collection through pictures, I fell in  love with it! It is fun, colourful and wearable 🙂 

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