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No outfit is really completely without the fab accessories from shoes, jewellery, handbags, sunglasses( it doesnt matter if there is no sun!!!) and more. At London Fashion Week the designers are just on another level of stepping out of their box. I ended up falling in love with more beautiful pieces to add to my collection of madness.


It was love when I saw these babies from Finlay & Co.… they were made for little me!!! Their sunglasses are funny, fun and trendy to wear especially with all us running from UK weather. Finlay & Co was introduced to me by Mr Craig McGinlay just last year but I did not get the chance to try them on. As I am 4 eyed, some of their shades can be made into prescription shades. 

I have an inner demon when it comes to shoes… and which is why by the end of the month I have more shoes than money ( can’t get enough of it ). When at London Fashion Week I got to finally see the full collection of Camilla Elphick. I saw her collection when I was in Dubai at the shoe level district but just her PEZ high heels. The full collection has a mixture of styles and colours. 

I am definitely a brogue lover but Rogues just took it another step with the colours, styles and textures. This is definitely a must have … well for my wardrobe ! I would most likely wear it with everything in my wardrobe from dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers and maybe if I love too much I must just sleep with them in my PJ’s.

The Goods Agency brings together brands from all over with unique designs, or more like out of this world ones. I am a butterfly lover so these sunglasses were made for me ! If you grew up in the Middle East especially Dubai, then these are perfect for you too. ( we like them crazy, we like them unique and we just love spending money for one of kind pieces.)

Where there is handbags… there is some how little me around the corner. Florian London caught my eye with the laser cut detail and the wee fun art illustrations. There have a mixture of sizes and I do believe all at a reasonable price. I find them easy to match up with anything and a fun statement piece. 

Its time to plan my holiday after looking at Eddie Harrop collection …I am going on a summer holiday !! ( just imagine me skipping ). They were light weight, fun and really good for a short trip. I am seeing stars!!!!!

Colours, pintsized and fun for fashion week when it comes to Mayrafedane. I love the mixture of colours! It certainly was an eye catcher. This is just perfect with some flared pants, crop top and some beautiful heels for spring summer. Yes my mind is going crazy with the styling. 


I can’t wait till next season !!!





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