A New Bike Collection And Meeting Orla Kiely

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Halford  is most men’s toy land when it comes to DIY or the new gadgets, but nowadays that seems to be changing. I decided to attend the press event, I looked around and found amazing new items I would use but most of all they made me want to buy a bicycle… all because Orla Kiely designed the beauty. The best part of it all is I go to meet the woman behind it all 🙂 so it was an added bonus. 


The press event has lots of gadgets which I found helpful and some were great ideas for presents. I was also thinking how hard it is to find a man a present but Halfords it all became easy. Through the event my highlight was meeting Orla Kiely in person. She was so down to earth, funny and was helpful when I was asking loads of questions. I used to work for Clarks and see some of the collections she came up with- all so colourful and funky. It reminded me of the pictures my mum showed me when she was teen. Fashion from the decades before me are coming back in trend more and more. 


I am not the person to say I need to buy a bicycle because usually they just odd or boring with the no colour to it. This time Orla Kiely decided to change it all with bicycles and helmets and some other accessories. The green bicycle spoke to me and they were trying to get me to buy it. It is definitely something I do believe I would use in the small town I live in. Its fun and trendy which means its just up my street. Its also encouraging me to keep fit and bike to work, to town and even anywhere instead of calling a taxi ( typical Farah). 


To get these bikes : CLICK HERE

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