A Motivation For The Future with EST2014

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Its sometimes hard to find mentors that see your potential or that lead to inspire you in this world. I attended a lovely event by Est2014 who has set a ground for talents to develop and understand how to start and how to take their journey to succeed. The lovely Asil Attar started it all and has given numerous amount of talents a foot to stand on by make sure the best work is put forward.

I know most people think its so easy to just design something and it will sell at an instant… doesn’t really work that way. Est2014 is a great workshop to help talents in fashion , art and poetry to build themselves, business and future. The launch night was great as they set out to show us how to think of things from brands, buying and selling views. The workshop is split into 8 and it teaches an indepth into certain subjects of becoming a brand and business. 

Th room was filled with creative minds and it was wonderful to see how everyone thinks. I met a scientist, events organiser, a speaker and many more in the room. It was interesting listening to Asil Attar as this lovely lady has had many years of experience in the industry on her shoulder and decided to leave the corporate life and help young talents in developing to be entrepreneurs of the future. 

You can find more about Est2014 on their website, facebook, twitter and instagram. The workshop starts March 14th at Lumas in DIFC. 

 Asil Attar and I ( Asil is truely an inspiration) 

Wtih lovely Hanaan( my dear friend from Edinburgh, she interns for Est 2014)

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