A Modern Twist on Traditions at Logma

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Twisting on traditions is the must do in the 21st century, especially when it comes to home cooking ( mum’s cooking more like it) . Logma is one of my favourite restaurants in Dubai when I want a bit of home cooking ( its usually when I am tooooo lazy to cook). They have the tradition food I grew up with a mix of modern love and it all goes well together. 

Logma is a restaurant that has some delicious khaleeji treats in which I remember eating as a kid and still do till this day. I start is all off with some Karak tea, the all so famous start to most a morning in most Arabs houses or even Asia ( due the tea being Chai Masala ). It is one of my favourite teas to drink where ever I go, so on a cool day this is always my must have.

It was time for the Passion of Arabia and Vimto, which are just lovely to start a 3 course meal of heaven. I say that all because it was my last day in Dubai before heading back to the UK. The juices were light and tasty ! 

It all started with some yummy Cheese sambousa ( which had Oman Chips in), Vegatable sambous, chicken wings, lentil soup and quinoa salad. We tried to keep it health but with chance to taste everything good! – Must have – Chicken wings and samboussas. 

The mains were the basic and traditional type food some of us growing up in the middle east or in a Middle Eastern family; Chicken and rice or Shrimp and rice as well as Beef and rice. The portion is more the generous , so I would share between 2 or 3 depending how much you eat. On the side we order some quinoa salad, which I know sounds a lot with what we already had but it was a must try. It was all so tasty but my favourite dish was the Shrimp and rice!

After all that it was time for my favourite part, DESSERT!!!!!!!!! Yes my sweet tooth lives on forever especially when it comes to these treats. I would advise if you have eaten just the way I did, to take a good 10 minute break to breath. Even with the amount of working out I have been doing, it still could not prepare me for all this. However, I can’t complain when I have some good food infront of me. The choices were simple… Kanafa, Balaleet and Chebab Khatayef. Balaeet is my favourite dessert, my mother and father make their own versions of this. Its great to see this on the menu, even though we tend to usually have this for breakfast but I’ll will eat it any time of day, if its there as an option. 


We all enjoyed this meal.. I was joined by my manager ( mother ) and my partner in crime Denisa!  

The verdict: This is a must visit if you live in Dubai or visit the city. Its easy to locate, great to eat and something still cultural. The food I choose are great but you also have to try Logma Fries ( well known). 





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