A Man’s World at The Brotique

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There are not too many place around just for men to shop and relax at the same time… in Edinburgh its a whole different world when it comes to The Brotique. I attended their fab opening at their new store in Edinburgh and its worth a visit even if you other half says he doesn’t need anything, once he gets in it might just change his mind. This fab mens boutique is located at 39 Queen Street, Edinburgh , Scotland.
This store provides all the grooming and goodies a man needs or may need … and for us women who find it so hard to find a gift for any man because their are fussy or its just hard to find something that they might like, The Brotique is the perfect place!

The boutique feels so welcoming and relaxing!

 I love that they have all the men’s essentials even if they wanted to go on a holiday in the sun or for the Scottish summer… Sunglasses with style!

 Hedsets in style and socks in can’s 🙂 only in a man’s world that seems right !

Men love their gadgets … Gameboy :), headsets and many more 🙂
Quality wallets and card holders!
The #Manhamper is a wonderful gift for birthday’s , graduations and christmas !

A yellow typewriter made just for me !!

Their deco was simple and just felt like I was in a movie at one point.
This was during Movember season.. and the #Manhamper of all hampers what up for grabs for the hot wing winner!
The back room interior is chilled, relaxing and a bro’s world !

The library 

The boutique is a great wonder and good ideas for all those birthday’s we could never buy for… Brotiques also makes a women’s world simpler to buy for any man.
The staff are amazing and gives the best advise on what to buy depending on the person your buying it for. 

You can also now by the #Onwards book .. which is worth buying.. its taking Scotland’s talents to another level. 🙂 

More on Brotique : CLICK HERE

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