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Dubai is my favourite place for food since I was a kid. I have a few places I have to add to my list. Dubai is a city full of surprises when it comes to food. I do advise when in Dubai, download the app ZOMATO to get the best food recommendation in the city.

1- Surf Cafe

Hands down this is one of my favourite places for breakfast. It was lovely at first bite in 2016 and now its just love forever. The food is fresh, tasty and healthy. There a variety of choices for everyone visiting. Their staff are friendly with a smile when you enter and they are helpful when you can’t figure out what to eat.

2- H.E.A.T

Its another got to place when you want to keep your meals nutritionist and healthy even in the evening. I tend to go there at all times of the day but I do love a morning smoothie before the beach.

3- Lima

A place my mum and I stumbled on when wondering City Walk. Their Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant was just the many reasons why I love Dubai. The food was presented beautifully, tasty, traditional with colours that warmed the soul and affordable. The restaurant is designed with so many influences from both Peru and Japan.

4- Kite Beach

Its one of my favourite places to be for food when I am not in the mood for a sit in a restaurant. Kite beach has a variety of choices from all around the world. My fave is Taste of Brazil, with such a colourful van and delightful food. On a hot day is great to have a cold coconut and their famous Brazilian hot dog.

5- Logma

Logma forever has my heart since they first opened at Box Park Dubai. Their food is a traditional twist on Emirati food from starters, mains, desserts and drinks. I have a few dishes that are a must try such as Balaleet, Logma fries, cheese samboosas, Logma Lamb Biryani, lugaimat (traditional) and most of all you have to try Karak tea. I highly recommended them when visiting Dubai.


6- Azkadenya

Their restaurants remind of the good old days, mainly before my time of course. The modern take on middle eastern cuisine is perfect when visiting Dubai. Their flatbread like pizzas, shawarma, hummus and many more dishes are worth a try because each one is different from another. I always go to their location in Mercato mall but they have several locations available.

7- La Mer

This is the new location for all the foodie lovers and instagrammers. It has over 50 places to choose from with choices from the typical chains we know to a mixture of local ones. I managed to try Aprons and Hammers, Acai Xpress and even small stands which sold kenafa. La Mer is beautifully built with lots of unique artwork and more.

8- Coya 

Coya is high-end Peruvian-Japanese Fusion restaurant, located at the Four Season. Their food is good, the staff are pleasant and the interior is different than to most places I have been to. Its definitely a must visit, especially during the colder seasons. I had a mixture of dishes from vegetables, seafood, and meat. I still have to say the special Peruvian dessert is by far the best to try.


9-Mr Miyagi

It was my first time in Mr Miyagi after hearing so much about it. It definitely was not disappointing, especially when you are with great company. Its Asian street food served in a restaurant with so much flavour and colour to it. The staff were wonderful, honest, helpful as they tried everything on the menu, they were also very entertaining. After having our dinner, the karaoke started and we did not stop singing.


10- Arrows and Sparrows 

After a good run with NRC team, I headed to Arrows and Sparrows. Its not the easiest place to get to if your in Dubai for the first time but its definitely worth the visit. I ordered their french toast and got a unicorn colour surprise. The restaurant managed with getting all the orders out even though there were about 18 of us wanting food.




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  1. ok, this was not the best blog post for me to read on an empty stomach! Everything looks delish! I haven’t been to Dubai in years, but love it and love the food. Especially the cheap shawarmas in the little street stands.

  2. Yummy! These are tasty looking dishes. The one from Mr Miyagi looks well tasty, especially with all the chillies.
    I have never been to Dubai but it seems that it has a lot of interesting international meals.

  3. Peruvian-Japanese? Now that’s a combination that I’d want to check out. I mean, even if it was just to look at, since I’m not sure how my stomach would react. And the Arrows and Sparrows french toast with fairy floss looks devine!

  4. Oh my, all of this looks so delicious! That french toast dish is one of the most unique plates of food I have ever seen. I have never been to Dubai and hadn’t considered the food scene but it looks like it has a great variety for all tastes – thanks for the insight!

  5. Peruvian-Japanese fusion sounds really interesting. And the Emirati food at Logma seemed really unique as well. Love scouting cities for amazing restaurants. It’s such a delightful way to grey a feel for the culture.

  6. I love the diversity of foods in Dubai, quite surprising. I’m impressed at how much Peruvian cuisine seems to feature in your article. Everything looks divine and I’m especially tempted by Mr Miyagi. Yummy post and what fun!!

  7. Oh I have to say that the food and location from Taste of Brazil and Kite Beach looks the absolute best to me! But that unicorn hair at Arrows and Sparrows looks incredible, did you manage to finish it all?!

  8. What a wonderful food journey! I had no idea that Dubai’s food scene is so diverse and vibrant! From cuisine from South America, Asia, to so many other places! Love your list and will visit these places when I am in town! @ knycx.journeying

  9. I haven’t been to Dubai for years, and I was always fascinated by the diverse food and cuisine available. They truly cater to the different palate of locals, expats, and tourists.

  10. Wow. I never thought Dubai has so much food choices. Not what I have expected and not need to worry about limited food choices. Thanks for sharing and very helpful for my upcoming trip

  11. Looks like Dubai is a perfect place to go for a food trip in itself! The variety is amazing! I would like to spend a few days in Dubai trying each of these places. So far always associated with the place with buildings and shopping.. but food is a big reason to plan a trip!

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