The past few months I have been off the radar from the blog, youtube, and Instagram as I needed a time out. I need to sit back and take time for some self-love as well as reflect on my situation on hand. I have had to rearrange some things in my life. Through reading, watching some shows, chatting with people and more for me realize I have been forgetting myself. I forgot my goals and aims to achieve for now and for the future. I can’t say I can really say what’s going to happen in my future, because I need to push to live for the now to get to my future. Thinking about my future too much has kind of mushed my brains a bit.

The past few months have been an up and down wave of emotions due to certain reasons. Its been tiring on my brain and heart but it only has made me a stronger person. Its taken me a year to realize alot about myself that I had not seen before. As we get older we forget our self-worth and compare ourselves to others and their lives. I have been reading alot of self-help books which has really helped me alot with certain matters of my life. Below are some of the books:

1- You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero

2- Laugh Your Way To Happiness by Lesley Lyle

3- Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray


These books have given me a push to change my mind on what truly makes me happy. It also questions my previous thoughts on why I haven’t been happy. Happiness has become one of my goals to achieve through my life from now on. We all want to be successful, rich, owning our own house, having a family or even more but through it, all happiness needs to be the main priority in order to live life better. I believe without a certain degree of happiness, life is not balanced.


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