A Combination I Love In Fashion, JD Williams !

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I love looking into fashion brands which provide all sizes and flattering sizes such as JD Williams and Simple Be. I was recently invited to the press day for JD Williams, SimpleBe and Jacamo but the best of all I got to meet the fabolous Lorraine and  Mark Heyes. 

Both Tv presenters had collections to present to us and I have to say there are lovely and very wearable from the ages of 25 and more. Lorraine did a collection with JD Williams which I am waiting for because there are some pieces perfect for work and for days out with family and friends in the Middle East. 

Mark Heyes created fantastic lingerie which would make any women feel fabolous in! 

Through the rest of the event I wondered looking at all the collection and had a wee chat with the fab bloggers in Scotland (ForeveryoursBetty, Beewaits, Satisfashionshopping and many more), Lorraine and Mark Heyes. 

All the collections will be out in January 2015 online !!! I can’t wait!!!

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