A Cold of Colour

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Winter is here and its hitting Scotland in stages I certainly don’t like… I am not made for the COLD WEATHER!! Yet I am still in Scotland. This is the season everyone wears black and greys, which is not the colours I like to wear on such days we have here. I had no choice but to break the rules and take out some colours… RED and Sexy especially in DVF ( Diane Van Furstberg).

 Walking through Edinburgh the colours are breath taking and the air so fresh !

 I always feel a wrap dress makes any ladies body look gorgeous and sexy especially DVF

 The architecture of the some of the doors in the city !

 I know you most like think that the colours are too much for winter but like I always say …. ‘There is never too much colour on a cold and cloud day’

Coat : DVF         Wrap Dress: DVF      Boots: DUO Boots        Hat: Old one 

Pictures are taken by Kaz Strathemore from Strathemore Photography 

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