A Chill Out at No.8 Lister Square

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Go local is definitely something that I do when in Edinburgh, this time I tried new Gastrobar No.8 Lister Square in the heart of the cosmopolitan Quatremile. Relaxed and edgy are the two words I best describe No.8 with a home like feel once settled in. The location is central and easy to find especially with the glass frame it has, which is not hard to see in if you fancy a nosy.

No.8 Lister Square -Downstairs

Upon entering No.8 Lister Square I noticed the brightly coloured funky furniture that popped so much and was peaceful to the eye. The couches upstairs are comfortable especially on a day where you want a nibble, drink and a book with some live music.


As it was time for lunch I had to jump into ordering some food and the first thing I had to try was their haddock and chips. The staff were attentive and brought me some flavoured water, which is the constant trend to live healthy. The food arrived and it looked yum, great portion size as I don’t like a filled plate. It was a good lunch I have to say as it was just perfectly cooked with some nice chucky chips on the side.

I know its lunch time a bit too early to have a so-called drink but I tried the mocktail of their mojito mocktails. The presentation was on point and taste was not bad for a non-alcoholic drink. If you ask one of the bartenders what kind of drink you fancy, they try to create something different which is great especially if you like experimenting , cocktail or mocktail.


I know I was I need to be healthy but I already had some haddock and chips I just couldnt resist trying their dessert. I have a love for strawberries especially in desserts so I couldn’t help myself and ordered the Strawberry Parfait with black peppered strawberries and clotted cream, it was delicious! As it was not too sweet and just the right amount of strawberries. 

                                           lily 1                                 lily 2

This gastrobar welcomes everyone even the four- legged beauties like Lily, she is my sister’s wee pug who I took with me to No.8 Lister Square. You can tell she is a Scottish dog with the Irn Bru infront of her.. hehehe. She loved it at No.8 especially when the staff gave her a bowl of water and played with her as she is a cute little one. 


There was even Mac at No.8 Lister Square, who is going to become a regular as well. 

The verdict for No.8 Lister Square, a gastrobar which creates home like food  from roast on Sunday’s and burgers, fish and chips, sausages and even salads. It has a welcoming atmosphere to all , provides a good services from food to drinks as well at entertaining staff. Its my home away from home! 

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