A Bit of Vintage Loving at Judy’s Vintage Fair

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Every time the Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair comes to town, I am first in line to check it all out. After going once last year it started becoming addition every time they are in town. 

As you enter the room its like a beautiful dream of lovely dresses and outfits valued by everyone in the room.

I had my eye on accessories this time I went. I didnt know what to pick with the amount of selection they had. Earrings were classic, necklaces were statement pieces and the amount of butterfly designs I saw, I was all smiles. 

I think I am more in love with hats this seasons, there were alot to look at this time. I just wish I had the perfect head for one of them. 

I love the bags, I don’t know if I could fit anything I have in them but they would go perfect with some of my dresses. 

The texture of this dress fascinated me and the colour was divine. 

The classic perfume bottle looks wonderful on a dressing table. Reminds me of all the Doris Day movies I watch. 

This time men there is something for you, its fun and classic. Its funky when wearing a plan shirt! 

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