I took on a challenge of 30 days of a diet and body change and all due to reading Amelia Freer Books. I needed to change and a big one so when I read about removing gluten and refined sugar, I thought why not?!!!. I was stuck in a constant circle of my yo-yo weight which didn’t motivate me to exercise. There was not enough change in my body and I wanted to be healthier. I spent a good couple of days reading through Eat, Nourish and Glow by Amelia Freer . If you want to know the weight loss something I don’t care alot of about)- I went from 78Kg’s to 72Kg’s.

I am not going to say this was a walk in the park just cutting everything out. The first week was hard, I was always hungry and tired but I had to push through it. I had 3 meals a day, no snacking in between meals ( even if I wanted to eat everything I see). I tried to open my food options, which was the fun part. I managed to go to the gym 3 times a week and add muay thai – No I am not crazy I just wanted to see the impact on my body.

I will confess, I have never been skinny just fit but that was once upon a time. I have been struggling with my belly and thighs for years. These are the stages of my yo-yo weight and the last one is me going through the diet change. It was insane how I felt after two weeks- energetic, less bloated, my skin cleared up and I felt lighter.

“You are what you eat” is definitely something I believed in more and more through this diet change. I was trying to be creative as possible with what I made from gluten free pancakes, eating more seafood, portion sizing and trying out new things even when going out to eat. The sugar intake I got was from the fruits I had in all my morning meals.

When it came to drinks I tried to stick to water, lemon water, ginger water and many more kinds of water infusions. I am managed to loose weight through drinking alot of water but the first week I was just bloating but after a week I start loosing some weight.  I tried to find sugar free drinks that were taste ( this was so I stopped my constant cravings). I came across “Hey Like Wow“, which was a sugar free drink with lots of great fruit flavours.

I found certain things that helped me stop my caffeine addiction in the morning. I started making ginger and turmeric tea which can be made with almond milk or just water. I learned to like it as the effects on my belly and skin has made a lot of difference. Another good morning drink was hot water ginger or hot water lemon. ( Best to do it for a week to really see the change).

When it came to finding replacements for protein and Omega 3 when I didnt have the time, I looked to Good Hemp to save the meal for me. It easy to just top some of the food I made with some hemp. Hemp as a variety of benefits for the heart, skin and body digestion.

My fitness level during this diet change went up alot due to having alot more energy. I pushed to be in the gym 3 or 4 times a week and between them add some Muay Thai. Daniel has helped me so much loose alot of belly fat through 30 minute sessions with him in Horsham. Through the 30 days, my body change with 30 minutes from once to twice a week of Muay Thai went from being heavy to alot lighter, I have abs and my stamina increased.

I added different work outs but my challenge was to get better on the rowing machine. Every week I did rowing 2 times a week and increased from 500m to the point I reached 2500m. All the times I met this time have been amazing and under my previous time. I have seen a difference in my body since rowing, especially around my belly, back and shoulders.

Through all this challenge, I have managed to push on being Sundried Ambassador with a new mind set, new body and a determination to be the best me. As a celebration all my readers and followers can get 50% of their SUNDRIED purchase- use the code ‘FAZ’ on the check out.

I would advise when doing any diets make sure you read into it and that its something you are open to trying. On this 30 day challenge I wanted to change for the long term, so changing food, habits and other things has changed mood. I am happier!!!

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