Feel Like A Lady

Elegant is what ever lady wants to feel… so getting dressed up in Carolyn Baxter was called for in the world of elegance. Every time I slip into Carolyn Baxter designs I feel like it was made for my body. I find it difficult to find dresses that made for a body shape and ones the flatter it but not with Carolyn Baxter. This time Carolyn as also made some full length skirts which go perfect for any special occasion.  


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When You Know You Found The Right One

The more colour the more happier I am. If most of you have seen from my youtube channel and some of my instagram post, I bought a hoodie from Chouchou Couture a few months back. I love her collection as it just keeps getting more and more colourful especially when I wanted to customize it. I have fall more in love with colours especially my pink fluffy hoodie. It was just right for me and more like love at first sight. 


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Out Of My Comfort Zone

The past few months I am slowly stepping out of my comfort zone with my hair colour and changing it from time to time. When I was in Edinburgh it was became turquoise which was an unexpected colour for me… and a first. When back in Edinburgh for a little while longer than usual, I caught up with Cera K ( a fab blogger and an amazing photographer.. big things coming her way ). 

Photo by Cera K

Photo by Cera K

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Sunshine in Vienna

Day 2 in Vienna started with some sun … and what a glorious morning it was. I woke up half fresh as I ended up sleeping really early on the Friday and wake up early on Saturday. At about 9am my tummy wanted food so I headed down the street from some food. I had to take a proper sunny picture by the kanal… 🙂 

vienna dy 2

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Love Being In My Own Shoes!

Its been an insane one year for me and hopefully it keeps getting better. I was living in Dubai for a couple of months, a place I call home until I moved back to the UK. Some thought I move back to Edinburgh ( my 2nd home), but no.. I am in Horsham. This little town is a hidden gem with some lovely people. I have been meeting up with some talents which have been featured on my blog and youtube channel. I have to say I feel blessed everyday. 


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Simply Beautiful

There are those few people that come into your life that make difference. You meet a person and you simple connect, its this sense of a great friendship to begin without even knowing how much. Those kinds of friendship should be cherished and respected because it certainly doesnt come very often. I met this beauty when moving to Horsham, she is my neighbour but now she is my dear friend, Adriana.


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